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AGFS Municipal Bond Expert Witness Services & Consulting With Lawyers

Robert Doty is a Municipal Bond Expert Witness. He offers municipal securities expert witness and municipal bonds litigation consulting services for lawyers. He has participated in more than 160 municipal and corporate securities matters in three dozen states, and has testified as a finance industry expert witness in depositions and at trial approximately 80 times.

Mr. Doty provides municipal bond litigation consulting, forensic analysis, and municipal bond expert witness services to legal counsel relating to a broad spectrum of issues concerning the municipal securities market. The issues include, among other things: the structure, documentary terms, implementation and constitutional, statutory, and documentary priority of a wide variety of state and local government securities; state, local and private projects and programs funded with municipal securities; federal and state assistance programs; municipal bond market customs, practices and standards of care; municipal bond disclosure, municipal due diligence, municipal advisor regulation, and fiduciary roles and responsibilities of parties in primary offerings, the secondary market, workouts and other transactions in municipal securities; municipal securities law and regulation; and municipal finance in general.

Mr. Doty has testified as an expert witness on the finance industry in federal courts in Kentucky, Illinois and Iowa, and state courts in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Nevada, New Jersey and Virginia; before Administrative Law Judges of the Securities and Exchange Commission; before arbitration panels of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and the American Arbitration Association; and by video before a New Mexico special legislative investigative Subcommittee in an impeachment proceeding. A list of Mr. Doty’s litigation consulting and municipal bonds expert witness engagements is available upon request.

Robert W. Doty


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